It is said that beginnings are always difficult because they are determinant of future events,  thus the beginning of a relationship, a project or a book.  So,  I have decided to begin my blog by writing about a concept that is particularly close to my heart,  it’s happiness or more specifically the happiness box.

       Happiness is that unique sensation that we feel deep inside ourselves, as a result of certain events in our daily lives. I cannot give a precise definition, because it is not an entity that can be measured scientifically but rather it is a state of mind consequent, that we feel as a result to a given situation. Though, as humans, we can go through less colorful days. Indeed, sometimes, we are feeling depressed, completely overwhelmed by the events that it is difficult to get out of bed. Either because of heartbreak, health, career or money issues, or maybe the family … causes can be as numerous as are the days of the year. The problems may differ but they all have in common the same effect on our mental state, nothing can change our mood.

      Psychologists say that the only way out of this dark atmosphere is to force yourself to smile! Personally, I find that compelling myself to smile without any real reason is useless and not natural at all. On the other hand, research has also shown that there is a unique way to feel happiness inside despite the circumstances around us, as bad as they may be. It seems that making another human being happy will make us happy too !! What great news. Actually, we all experienced this, at some point in our lives, when we offer a gift, we cook for someone we like or we give charity … and hence the concept of the box of happiness

    Each time, that I’m in a difficult situation, and that I drained all my internal resources to cheer me up, I think about my box of happiness … it’s based on our ability to make a mind shift, a change in our perception of the world around us. The trick is that it is not the world that has put us in this situation of sadness, but our brain !! Remember, happiness is not a definable entity, it is a result, a consequent of a given situation !! if we manage to change our perception, to convince our brain that there are enough elements to create this result which is “Happiness”, it will put itself in a “happy” state.

     In practice, the happiness box is based on the principle of making yourself happy by making another human being happy. What I do is quite simple, when I am in a state of happiness, I fill my box, when, I prosper financially, when I am in good health, happy in my work, in my couple, with my family, I fill this box, I do good deeds, and I put them in my box, and when I feel depressed, remembering these actions, makes me smile again, makes me proud of myself, convinces me that because I have given, I will definitely receive !!

     But be careful, to fill the box of happiness, the good action must be special,  special for you the donor as well as for the one who will receive it, because this is what will give later the desired effect. An ordinary charity cannot fill your box, because its effect dissipates instantaneously, like the few moments of pleasure following the tasting of a piece of chocolate. An exceptional charity, on the other hand, is a long-term investment.

     To do so, we must respect four essential conditions. The first is that our action must be unexpected, the other person must not, in any case, sense what you will do or give. The second is that the value or the amount must be exceptional. It’s not a charity that you can afford to give every day, something that can make a difference in that person life, a full salary, for example, very expensive clothes for children, provision for a week or more, depending on your situation…., etc. Third – It is absolutely important not to look at the person to whom you give, this donation is intended to your box of happiness not to social media. Therefore, you should drop your offering and go quickly away, do not wait for the thanks, because if they did, you cannot put it in your happiness box anymore. Last rule, never and never will you tell someone about your action, no one should know, otherwise, it cannot fill your box. One day, on the radio, I had heard of a story about an honorable man from Batna, an eastern region of Algeria, who was putting weekly baskets of food in front of the doors of poor families… They only learned who this mysterious donor was by his death when they could not find the basket in front of their doors anymore.

     From time to time fill your box with the precious fuel, and when you will feel absolutely demoralized by the vagaries of life. Remember to open the box, think about this little girl who wears the beautiful dress you bought for her, think of her sparkling eyes when she saw the unexpected gift, think of her smile, it is you who did that. Think of this poor man, helpless, when he raised his head and saw your basket full of everything he needs, think of him when he thanked God from the bottom of his heart, because thanks to you, he will have enough to feed his children for a week. Think of this woman who sobbed when she saw the huge amount of money, which represents several months of hard work. Think of them all, when they will wonder why a stranger would have deposited it and flees like crazy! I’m sure there’s already a smile on your face, but for good reason this time, it’s not a forced smile. Because you would be proud of yourself and your humanity, your ability to give, to create happiness around you, to change lives, and there without you realizing it, your mind shift happens, and suddenly you perceive the world differently, and a feeling of happiness is diffused within you. You rebound from your morose emotions and the world belongs to you again, you reason more and more logically and you are motivated and inspired to overcome all your problems as a painter would have been motivated and inspired by his muse.

      For me, the box of happiness, among other things, allows me to create a positive feeling at the present moment, on demand, by actions made in the past !! it’s like a bank account, I put aside for my difficult days … The more I fill my box, and the more the action is exceptional, the more the effect is fast and powerful…………..

    How about you ? are ready to create your own happiness box?