A Computer Scientist Who Writes

  • Motherhood War Zone

    Motherhood War Zone

    …The maternal instinct is strong and powerful and will never allow, to lose the fight. We feed, we clean, we take care of our children, we read to them stories… we give endlessly … But this maternal instinct, so powerful, nourishes itself of the woman’s being…

  • Love in the time of cholera

    Love in the time of cholera

    Today I was decided, I was going to write to you,  something special for you…you are so far from me, yet I feel you so close. Words are jostling in my heart…every emotion wants to be the star, and be the first to pass on my keyboard… distance, loneliness, tenderness,  memories…and love.  But, suddenly, a hurricane of torments …

  • L’Amour aux temps du choléra

    L’Amour aux temps du choléra

      Aujourd’hui j’étais décidée , j’allais t’écrire, un article spécial pour toi, tu es si loin de moi , pourtant je te sens si proche,  les mots se bousculent dans mon cœur….chaque émotion veut être la star, la première à passer sur mon clavier…. la distance, la solitude, la tendresse, les souvenirs…et l’amour. Mais, soudain, un ouragan de tourmente …