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Baby Sleep Handbook: 5 steps to establish a routine and regulate your baby’s sleep by the age of 7 weeks, without Cry It Out (A Mother’s Scientist Approach Book 1) 

Are you pregnant and the idea of being sleep-deprived when your newborn arrives torments you ?
Are you looking for gentle baby sleep training tools ?

Maybe you are leafing through the various basic baby care books or baby sleep science guides hoping to find a simple, scientifically validated and without Cry it Out method, to teach your baby to sleep ?

Then this book is for you. The arrival of the little angel in the family quite often changes the habits of the latter and especially parents’sleep. With such a tiny stomach, it’s normal that a baby needs to be fed frequently, what’s not normal is that it lasts, beyond the first weeks of his life. The result is exhausted parents and above all a stressed and tired mom.

So, do you want to help your newborn to sleep through the night ? If yes, Then his guide is for you. It presents a summary of the best known techniques to regulate infant sleep. Based on the observation of hunger and sleep cues in babies, it lays down the 5 steps to establish a routine, regulate your baby’s sleep and teach him to sleep without Cry It Out.

It doesn’t matter whether you are exclusively breastfeeding, using baby formula or mixing, this gentle baby sleep solution works in all cases to regulate your baby’ sleep.

Following your instinct is a key factor in understanding and using the recommendations discussed in this book, to gently take care of your newborn from birth to 12 months. The method presented was tested on 520 babies, of whom 380 were exclusively breastfed, and 59 exclusively on baby formula. Among the countries that participated in the study: The USA, Canada and New Zealand.

Testimonials (French version)

Very Concret, My son is 3 months old, hardly ever slept during the day except on the breast or in a stroller / sling and falling asleep at night was just as complicated. I bought this book without knowing what to expect but it’s a bible to have! I would have liked to read it during pregnancy and put in place everything that the author advises us from the start. There are “scientific” explanations to support his arguments, a lot of kindness and a very concrete program (with timetables and examples) to give a rhythm to the baby according to his age.I completed this method with the sleep timer and the results are there. The feedings go better, they start to fall asleep at regular times and fall asleep alone for the morning nap … in bed! A real miracle! In short, I recommend this book to all those who do not really know what a day should look like, all those who want kindness and a method around the child without forgetting the parents.PS: the big plus? There is a facebook group given at the end of the book where we can discuss with parents and where the author answers our questions”

In Baby Sleep Handbook, you will learn:

  • The different parenting styles that exist today.
  • Study the pros and cons of each style, so you can make an informed decision.
  • The secret of a baby’s long, sweet nights.
  • Understand the link between nutrition and baby’s sleep.
  • Your baby’s nutritional needs, according to his age.
  • Your baby’s sleep needs, according to his age.
  • How to set up a routine tailored to your baby’s specific needs.
  • How to teach your baby to sleep through the night without cry it out.
  • How to teach your baby to self-soothe without tears.
  • Newborn eating schedule.
  • Newborn sleep schedule.

What are you waiting for? Buy this book now and learn how to teach your baby to sleep peacefully through the night from the age of 7 weeks.